International Club

The Cal Poly International Club is a social club for international students and American students who are interested in meeting international friends and exploring the USA together.

Our events throughout the year include camping trips, local hikes, beach parties, potluck dinners, visits to SLO Farmer’s Market, pumpkin carving at Halloween, and whatever else students decide they want to do.

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Sarah Drake


Hi! I'm Sarah Drake and I'm a fourth year anthropology & geography major that is also currently working on adding journalism as a second major. I'm from San Diego, California, and I love to meet different people and learn about different cultures (and eat great food in the process).

I lived in Peru for Spring quarter of 2018, and it was the best experience of my life. I hope to someday do serious journalism in South America, so that I can help spread awareness of the many different cultures there. I joined the iClub board because I am very passionate about helping people express their own cultures as well as helping them learn about other cultures too. I would like to welcome all international students at Cal Poly with the help of any domestic students with similar passions as mine.

Shelby Conley

Vice President

Hi there! My name is Shelby Conley and I am a second year studying Agricultural Communications. I found myself interested in agriculture after raising livestock animals through my high school’s FFA program.

When I first came to Cal Poly, I remember seeing the I-Club booth at WOW showcase. All the members were really welcoming so I decided to sign up and attend one of their events. At the event I saw how everyone was able to bond so quickly. I thought it was awesome how I-Club was able to help so many international students acclimate at Cal Poly. I decided to be an officer to meet new international students and help them feel comfortable and welcome at their new home here in SLO.

Jiwon Lee


Hi everyone, my name is Jiwon Lee and I'm a second year computer science major. I came to the US in 2014 as an international student from South Korea.

I've met amazing people with different cultural backgrounds here and I was fascinated by it. I would like to continue meeting new people from various countries here at Cal Poly through iClub and help other international student meet each other.

Gino Hartounian


My name is Gino Hartounian, and I am half Italian and half Armenian. With these two strong cultures, I grew up surrounded by both Armenian and Italian language, food, and customs. That’s why I chose to join international club. I love people from different backgrounds specifically understanding different customs and traditions!

Selin Oner

Marketing Specialist

Hi everyone! I’m Selin Oner, social marketing officer for the I-Club! I’m a second-year architecture student from Istanbul, Turkey and love photography, hiking, making art, writing, and playing piano.

Fun fact about me is that I’m a trilingual (Turkish, English, French). I chose the social marketing position because I wanted to use my photography and art skills for commercializing our club for not only international students but also any Cal Poly student who wants to connect with other cultures! I hope my skills will be helpful to reach my goal and make our school more multi-cultural!