Visiting Scholars & Student Interns

Welcome to Cal Poly

Cal Poly welcomes international researchers, professors, and student interns.

Once you have secured an invitation from one of our academic departments, the International Students and Scholars staff can assist you with your visa documents.

Invitation Process

If you are a prospective scholar or student intern interested in a temporary research or teaching appointment at Cal Poly, please contact the academic department at Cal Poly associated with your field. The department will initiate the invitation process through the appropriate Dean’s office.

prospective scholars during an on-campus event
Cal Poly entrance

Accepted for sponsorship

J-1 visa regulations require exchange visitors to be physically present at the site/s of activity three out of five days per week. A maximum of 40% of the work may be done virtually. They are expected to live in the San Luis Obispo County area or Santa Maria.

Accepted Scholars and Student Interns for sponsorship for a J-1 Visa will receive a link to the DS-2019 Request form or J-1 Student Intern Request Form from the International Center.

You will be required to electronically provide an image of your passport, proof of funding, proof of English Proficiency, your CV, and a mentor agreement or internship supervisor agreement from your Cal Poly faculty or staff sponsor.

J-1 Visas

The International Center is here to assist you with the visa process once you have been offered a position on campus.

Cal Poly student waves to welcome new schoars to campus

Get Help

Have questions that are relevant to your individual situations? Looking for more clarification on your next steps in regards to visa types? Here are some additional ways for you to get assistance.

The Cal Poly International Students and Scholars staff are here to assist visiting faculty and scholars with obtaining the appropriate documents to apply for J-1 exchange visitor visas and offer assistance with maintaining visa status and adjusting to life at Cal Poly and in the United States.